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July 2023 / December 2023

Cities to visit: Barahona, Pedernales

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Dear Traveler: thank you for choosing us to perform this Tour! We hope you enjoy your trip.

Here we give you a guidance on their tour with the information that we believe may be of your interest. The information is indicative, may exist variations on designated hours.

TRANSFER from the airport, if you have it included or purchasing. Our transfer will be waiting for you with a poster on behalf of Owner or its name to the output of the custom (after collecting your luggage)..

Remember to inform us by phone if you lost your connection flight or expected delay of their arrival, in your VOUCHER figure the phone of the transfer.

Early in the morning we will pick you up from your Santo Domingo hotel towards the southern region, we will stop at the Barahona viewpoint to have breakfast, then we will arrive at Cabo Rojo, where we will embark to Bahia de las Águilas with lunch included and refreshing drinks on the lonely beach with private seats. At the end of the day we will go to our hotel in Pedernales to rest from the day and enjoy the pool and hotel amenities.
Pela manhã após o café da manhã no hotel iremos a Hoyo de Romeo e Laguna de Oviedo para tirar fotos de espécies de aves, também visitaremos El Arroyo Salado onde nadaremos com peixes tropicais, faremos uma parada no parque eólico Los Cocos , almoçaremos em Villa Miriam e desfrutaremos de suas cachoeiras e para finalizar o dia visitaremos a praia de Los Patos de Barahona onde tem a foz de um rio de água doce acompanhado de uma bebida refrescante.
Starting from the Hotel in Paraiso, our first stop will be in duverge in the Azufre spa called La Zurza, a spring of curative waters, then we will pass through Jimani and we will make a stop in the uncovered bars where you will enjoy this Spa and a typical lunch. Later we will visit the Lago Enriquillo park to take photos of the iguanas and crocodiles, we will also go up to the indigenous faces and see the view from above of the entire lake and finally we will visit the marias with fresh waters to spend the rest of the afternoon and we will return to santo domingo...end

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